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British Vintage Wireless and Television Museum
Museum Friends Group

This museum needs your support. You can offer this by joining our 'Friends Group'.  For an annual £10.00 donation you will receive a news letter, invitation to social events and technical support.

To join the 'Museum Friends Group' please click here to view or download the brochure and form (PDF format) or telephone the museum on 020 8670 3667 and request an application form by post.

"Broadcasting is so much part of our lives that it is easy to forget just what a difference it has made in little over eighty years.  But in the not very distant future, when the world of analogue will be preserved only in collections of this kind, we will be grateful to the British Vintage Wireless and Television Museum, who have kept the evidence of those early years.  It is also easy to forget just what is involved in bringing together, housing and maintaining the collection.  The Museum deserves any help you can give it to support this important national asset."

"I will be honoured to be one of the first 'Museums Friends'."

Robin Reynolds
Head of BBC Heritage

"I was fortunate enough to visit the Museum for the first time in the mid 1980s; I was foolish enough to arrive with a preconception that this was a small private collection stored in someone's house on the outskirts of London."

"I regularly get information about private collections and personal museums; collecting is a wonderful obsession that the British do so well and indeed my own house does have more than its fair share of old radio sets and vintage telephones.  So working on the basis that if you've got more than about eight related objects it's a 'collection' and if you arrange them on a shelf so people can see them it's a 'museum', you may guess my shock when Gerry Wells opened his front door and invited me in to see this stunning collection.  Hundreds of objects, beautifully cared for, many restored to full working order, all laid out in a well thought out sequence plus a seemingly inexhaustible flow of information about each object."

"In the 20 years since my first visit, the Museum has continued to grow; now home to some 1,500 objects it is simply the finest collection and display of its kind in the world.  Its strengths lie in the quantity, diversity and quality of the collection plus the expertise that surrounds them.  A collection without knowledge is useless; an object without description, understanding and relevance is worthless.  How many times have we all visited indifferent museums with a few dusty objects, unloved with fading captions, waiting out their life sentence in a grubby glass case.  Not so at Dulwich; here you'll find not only care and conservation but also a passion for the subject and a depth of knowledge which is shared, exercised and kept alive and in good health for the generations that follow.  Here's the kind of commitment that money can't buy."

"Money however is needed to keep the Museum running and to ensure that future generations are able to enjoy this magnificent collection.  One way you can help this worthwhile cause is to become a 'Friend' of the Museum so that you can give some tangible help and at the same time feel part of the organisation.  I'm delighted and honoured to become one of the first of the Friends of the Museum.  Unable to offer any 'hands-on' help (the 400 mile round trip is rather daunting) it gives me the opportunity to become a stakeholder in the future of this important national treasure."

"I do hope you will join me."

John Trenouth
Senior Curator of Television
National Museum of Photography, Film & Television, Bradford